Application Process

Clash: Instructions for Application

2023-24 Competitive season. 

We are accepting applications for 2023-24 season. We have very limited memberships available.  

Please be informed that submitting an application for membership does not guarantee membership. From the pool of applications received, there will be a selection process.


Both the student(s) and the parents should be prepared to write a paragraph (or copy and paste one) explaining his/her interest in joining Clash. He/she might include goals, learning objectives, or even fears of public speaking.


2023-24 CLASH Online Application Instructions:

* Each Parent to fill out one parent application.

* Application from both mother and father required.

* Each Student to fill out one student application.

Parent Application Link: 

Student Application Link:

CLASH Applicant Family Interview: 

After parents and student applications are submitted:

Contact to schedule a Family Interview once a Summer Debate Camp which covers Team Policy Fundamentals AND Stoa's 2023-24 Team Policy Resolution is completed.

* Family Application does not guarantee admission.

* Rolling Admission until available spaces are filled. 

* Application Results will be sent out no later than Mid August.


List of debate camps