Application Process

  • Admittance into Clash is based on the student's application and an interview with the Clash Board.
  • Dues for Clash membership were $100/student/semester in 2018-19. We do offer family discounts for multiple children. Dues for 2019-2020 will be $120/student/semester.

Clash: Instructions for Application

2019-20 Competitive season.

Applications will be received from June 29, 2019 through July 20, 2019.

No late applications will be accepted. (If you have missed the deadline and would like to inquire about applying for the 2020-21 competitive season, please submit your family information at this link.)

Please be informed that submitting an application for membership does not guarantee membership. From the pool of applications received, there will be a selection process.

  1. Have each student fill out a Student Application at this link.
  2. Mother: please fill out your information at this link.
  3. Father: please fill out your information at this link.
  4. Once we have received all three of the above, the parents will be sent a link to a spreadsheet where you can choose an interview time with the Clash Board. The student, mother, and father should all plan to attend this 30-minute meeting.