Season 2013-2014

Team Policy Resolution:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reform its marine natural resource policies.


  • NITOC (National Invitational Tournament of Champions) 2014
    • Team Policy Debate:
      • Participation:
      • Awards:
        • Second Place Team- McGuire-Roes: Special congratulations to Christian McGuire and Nina Rose for being the 11th CLASH team to debate in a national championship final round! In the history, CLASH has lost five final rounds to secure 2nd place in the nation – but two of those losses were to CLASH.
        • Third Place Team- Lutz-Shao: Congratulations to Lutz-Shao for being the 7th CLASH team to finish 3rd in the nation and 20th CLASH team to make the final four! Lutz/Shao restores 3rd place to the most common result for CLASH
        • Seventh Place Team- Harbman-Owen: Congratulations to Harbman-Owen for being the 26th team in the history of CLASH to finish in the top 10 in the Nation!
        • Sixteenth Place Team- Lindsay-Lutz: Congratulations to Lindsay-Lutz for cracking the top 20 in the nation!
        • Fifth Place Speaker- Jacob Shao

CLASH Team Policy Debate Teams Qualified for NITOC 2014

McGuire - Rose

(2nd Place)

Lutz - Shao

(3rd Place)

Harbman - Owen

(7th Place)

Lindsay - Lutz

(16th Place)

McGuire Rose
Lutz Shao
Harbman Owen
Lindsay Lutz

Silva - Silva

Gates - Tang

Chien - Chien

Rehn - Stevens

(Did Not Attend)

Silva Silva
Gates Tang
Chien Chien
Rehn Stevens

Rehn - Rehn

(Did Not Attend)

Landgraf - Lynn

(Did Not Attend)

Rehn Rehn
Landgraf Lynn

CLASH Parliamentry Debate Teams Qualified for NITOC 2014

Lindsay - McGuire

(10th Place)

Lutz - Shao

Lindsay McGuire
Lutz Shao
  • Local Tournaments
2013-2014 Season

Debate Tournaments We Hosted

We hosted two debate tournaments in the 2013-2014debate season:

  • 1 day / Team Policy Only
  • Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA, Dec 7, 2013
  • Total: 132 debaters / 66 TP teams
  • Community Judges: 19 judges signed up
  • Results
  • Photos
  • Twas the Night before Christmas Clash by Jor Bratko, Danny Rose and the Christmas Clash Tab Room 2013

  • 3 days / Team Policy, Lincoln Douglas Value, Individual Policy and Parli
  • West Valley College, Saratoga CA; March 27-29, 2014
  • Community Judges: 102 community judges & 13 alumni judges signed up
  • Total: 185 debaters / 77 TP teams / 23 LD teams / 14 IP teams / 29 Parli teams
  • Results
  • Photos
  • Videos: