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Season 2015-2016

Foxworthy Baptist Church

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Team Policy Resolution

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reform its trade policy with one or more of the following nations: China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan.

Stoa NITOC 2016  (National Invitational Tournament of Champions 2016) will be held at Drury UniversitySpringfield MO during May 23-28, 2016
  • Participation in Stoa local tournaments:
    • Members of our club this season participated in 11 Team Policy and 10 Parliamentary Stoa tournaments so far.
    • We formed 17 Team Policy and 11 Parliamentary teams.

CLASH Team Policy Debate Teams Qualified for NITOC 2016

CLASH Team Qualified for NITOC 2016

CLASH NITOC 2016 Team Policy Teams

Gates - Harbman 
6th Place @ NITOC2016
Rehn - Chow 
17th Place @ NITOC2016
Harbman & Tang
19th Place @ NITOC2016
Wu - Chien 
41st Place @ NITOC 2016
Lindsay - DeJager
Hollenstein - DeJager
 Alva - Alva
 Melone - Owen
Hultgren - Novo
 Wu - Holtkamp
Belloncle - Belloncle
Devlin - Zambon
 Chow - Wu


CLASH NITOC 2016 Parliamentary Debate Teams
 DeJager (w/ Anderson)
16th @ NITOC2016
 Chow - Harbman
32nd @ NITOC2016
 Alva - DeJager
 Tang - Melone
Hollenstein - DeJager


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