He has told you, 

O man,    what is good;
And         what does the LORD require of you
But          to do justice,
love kindness,
And         to walk humbly with your God?
                                                                     (Micah 6:8/NASB)


Members of CLASH compete in
and previously competed in the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association ( NCFCA).

For New Families Like to Join CLASH for season 2016-2017

Please contact our club director ClashDirector@gmail.com and turn in your application form. 

    Club Meeting

    • Location:
      Foxworthy Baptist Church
      1774 Foxworthy Ave
      San Jose, CA 95124
    • Meeting Time(See Season 2016-2017 for detail)
      • Team Policy: Thursday evenings 7:00pm-9:00pm (Starting 9/15/2016)
      • ParliamentaryThursday evenings 5:45pm-6:55pm (Starting 9/15/2016)
        • Parliamentary is only for who 
          1. have reached age sixteen (16) by January 1st of competition year (1/1/2017), OR 
          2. have competed for two or more years in another debate format, OR
          3. receive consent from her/his coach.



    CLASH Member Participation & Accomplishment:

    In the History of Homeschool Debate since 1998:

    CLASH Debate Club has
    • Won Team Policy Debate National Champion 6 times
    • Won Team Policy Debate National Nationalist (Second Place) 5 times
    • Won Team Policy Debate National Third Place 7 times
    • Sent 11 teams into Team Policy Debate National final round.

    In addition, in Stoa since 2009

    After the founding of Stoa, in local Stoa tournaments, CLASH Debate club has [up to April 2, 2017]
    • Won Team Policy Debate Tournament Champion 19 times at local tournaments
    • Won Team Policy Debate First Place Speaker 9 times at local tournaments
    • Won Parliamentary Debate Champion 5 times at local tournaments
    • Won Parliamentary Debate First Place Speaker 7 times at local tournaments
    • Won Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Champion 1 time at local tournaments
    • Won Individual Policy Debate First Place Speaker 1 time at local tournaments

    CLASH Debate Club Stats