Camp Objective

Through informative lectures and hands-on practice guided by varsity and alumni from Clash, students will receive training to develop essential research, critical thinking, and speaking skills. Our goal is to prepare students to tackle Team Policy (TP) debate this year with confidence and excellence, and to develop life skills that they’ll use for years to come. After completing this camp, students will be equipped with the critical foundation needed to participate competitively in Team Policy Debate Clubs or to operate in any public speaking environment.


June Camp: Held every Monday and Wednesday from June 6th to June 22nd; meetings run from 1:30-6:30 PM. Tentatively planning a mini-tournament to be run on Saturday, June 25th.

July Camp: Held every Tuesday and Thursday from July 5th to July 21; meetings run from 1:30-6:30 PM. A mini-tournament will be run on Saturday, July 23.


1330 Trestlewood Ln, San Jose, CA 95138


Registration is $250 per student and covers the cost of refreshments and materials. Sibling discounts will be offered upon request.

Registration costs also cover up to 3 online make-up sessions.


June 2022 Camp: Please register here by June 4th.

July 2022 Camp: Please register here by July 1st.

Students are fully registered for the camp once payment has been completed.


Let us know about your questions/concerns by emailing us at: or by calling/texting (408) 612-2512