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Season 2017-2018

Prospective Members:

Please attend a Summer Debate camp for basic debate training, contact our club director ( , and submit your application form for membership application.

Stoa USA 2017-2018 Registration Page:

Please sign up your Stoa 2017-2018 membership with all the name of the students who will compete in this season. You need to register as member of Stoa to compete in Stoa affiliated tournaments.

Team Policy Resolution:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reform its Transportation Policy.

Club Meeting Schedule:

Every Thursday night 7:00-9:00PM
Start Date: 9/21/2017

Meeting Schedule

Possible CA (and OR) Local Tournaments:

You are free to attend any tournaments listed in Stoa Tournament calendar, not limited to the following. The following table only lists some near by tournaments which many CLASH members choose to attend in the past due to the distance and time constraints. It is also based on the historical data and prediction which may not reflect what will happen in the coming season. The competition season for local tournaments is between 10/1/2017-4/30/2018.

Stoa Tournaments around CA

2016-2017 Stoa Tournaments in CA/OR

Important Dates for Consideration

10/7/2017SAT Test
10/21/2017CHSPE Test
10/28/2017ACT Test
11/4/2017SAT Test
12/2/2017SAT Test
12/9/2017ACT Test
2/10/2018ACT Test
3/10/2018SAT Test
3/17/2018CHSPE Test
4/14/2018ACT Test
SAT Test Date
ACT Test Date
CHSPE Test Date

Possible CFL Parli Tournaments:

In addition to the tournaments in Stoa league above, Parli debaters may attend the following Parli tournament in CFL. Notice since 2014-2015 season, winning records in these tournaments are no longer accepted on for the purpose of NITOC qualification.

Tournament Participation & Achievement:

2016-2017 Season

Debate Tournaments We Plan to Host in 2017-2018 Debate Season:

We plan to host two tournaments during the 2017-2018 competition season. Below are the plan:
  • 2017 Christmas Clash Tournament
    • Location: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA 
    • Date: Dec 9, 2017
  • 2018 Clash Annual Tournament
    • Location: West Valley College, Saratoga CA
    • Date: TBD